Sunday, August 14, 2011


This morning for some reason almost half the regular folks that attend our church were late.  The few of us there unwaveringly pressed on, noticing how our smaller numbers only enhanced the beautiful effect of our intimate gathering.  We could easily now hear individual voices as we sang.  So wonderful!  As we sang on, sounding out the words, following the melody, we were satisfied.  Then another family came in.  It only increased our joy.  Then another arrived.  We were so glad again.  More and more of our church joined us, and I wondered if that was going to be like Heaven:  We will experience surprising peace and joy upon arrival, and as each friend and family member joins us we will know deeper joy.  More beautiful voices joining the choir.  Crossing over.  Or through. Or whatever.

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Mrs. L. said...

Beautiful said. Glad that for a moment I thought about heaven. Not something that I think about often. Maybe it should become a regular thought of mine. :)

(After reading your post, I scoll down to hit the "LIKE" button.. Duh Sarah, this isn't FB!!!)