Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Fall!

Hope you are all enjoying the Fall season...which officially starts Sept. 22 on our daughter Hayley's birthday.  Here is a craft we did together with my mother in CA recently. 


NanC said...

Hi Jill- I just stopped by to check out your blog! fun! how did you make this fall project- picture frame?
fabric glued onto a frame?
it looks more like some sort of collage- magazine photos?
please tell me how you did it and how you intend to use/display it..
I want to learn to decoupage pretty pictures- flowers...make things looks country chic- antique-any ideas
miss you in Glennville! NanC

Jill Iversen said...

Hi, Nancy! This is decoupage...really fun and easy. You glue the pictures-or fabric- onto the surface (does not have to be wood but traditionally is) with either craft glue or the "Mod-Podge" ladies have been using for decades. Then you apply Mod-Podge with a brush over the top of the photos and let it dry. Put one or two or more coats on depending how thick you want it. It all dries clear. This here is a picture frame and most craft stores stock these wooden "blanks." Have fun!!