Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends and Fun at the GMVA Craft Show

Some beautiful things we saw at the Fair, and so creative!

Well, we may not have been quite ready for our picture to be snapped, but I want to just say that I am so honored to know Lorraine. She has been doing craft shows for a long time, and is kind enough to share her insights with me. We usually get to have a space next to eachother at this event, so I just wanted to record it for "history's" sake. Thanks for your help, Lorraine.

We were so excited to be able to sell such a variety of things at the fair. Thank you to all of our friends and folks who made this possible!

We are always happy to see our local 4-H group, the Sierra Mountaineers, and all of the great stuff they have at their booth!

Here is our GMVA Hall before breakfast, when we were yet not too busy to take pictures. We had great food and Christmas music!

This beautiful lady is someone I admire deeply. I appreciate Teri's positive outlook, and the way she has been involved in our business this last year. She commissioned me to do a painting ("Changing Seasons") at last year's GMVA Craft Show. This year she saw the print I had made from it and purchased it for someone in her family! So here we are a year later, and I thank the Lord for putting her in my life.

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Tessie said...

OH how I wish I was there with you. How I miss G-ville so very much. I'm so glad u had a great time. Enjoyed the photos!!